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Time to Gear Up!

It’s football season! Time to gear up and celebrate your favorite team. From team jerseys and hats to game tickets and memorabilia, RebateBlast is the place to shop for everything you need to share in one of America’s favorite fall pastimes.

Team Spirit

Show everyone your team spirit by sporting a jersey, sweatshirt, or hat from the NFL Shop®. With collections for men, women, and kids, you’re sure to find the right look for everyone in the house.

College football fans, never fear!  If the NCAA is more to your liking, than check out the latest designs from Football Fanatics. They have all the latest wears for college team enthusiasts with an endless assortment of sports apparel, merchandise and fan gear. 

Tickets and Tailgating or DirecTV

Want to go to the game but aren’t sure you can get tickets at a reasonable price? Think again! You CAN score tickets to the game and get them below box office prices with ScoreBig®. This ticketing agency lets you pick your price and they’ll try to get it for you. 

With tickets in hand, arrive early and tailgate. This football tradition is best with family, friends, and other like-minded fans.  Many consider these pregame activities an essential part of the game day experience, and it definitely adds to those unforgettable memories. Some things to consider when planning your tailgating event:

  • Invite: Decide who’s coming and extend your invite. Remember, everyone who comes to the tailgate doesn’t have to go to the game. 
  • Set-up: When you think tailgate set-up, think Bed Bath & Beyond for all your favorite NFL® and collegiate team’s logoed tailgate products – chairs, tables, coolers, grills, BBQ tools and stadium seats. You want to be comfortable because the tailgate may be the most relaxing part of the entire game.
  • Menu: Hamburgers and hot dogs are staples, but they don’t have to be. With enough time, marinated steaks, chickens or pork might be the way to go, especially if you buy in bulk or on sale.
  • Delegate: Share the duties. It’s a lot more fun to get everyone involved so the party has a team feel. Beside the menu’s main dish, there are side dishes and appetizers to prepare; drinks need to be mixed or bought; and all the paper good supplies gathered. Stumpsparty.com can outfit your group in team supplies to build team spirit and group unity!
  • Timeline: A general timeline helps everything run smoothly come game day. Determine the best time to arrive, how long set-up might take, what’s involved in cooking, and any clean up that needs to be done.

If you can’t get to the game, bring the game to you with DirectTV.   Offering over 285 channels with more than 170 HD channels in Dolby-Digital 5.1 theater-quality sound, DirecTV certainly brings televised games to life.

Football Memorabilia

Collecting pro and college football memorabilia is on the rise for fans as well as investors. However, for true fans, having an autograph, program, football, or “game-used” equipment is an immeasurable gift that’s priceless at any cost.

Whatever the reason, hobby, gift-giving or investment, football memorabilia is all the rage. Anyone looking for objects from a particular player, team, or event should visit Sports Memorabilia. Its extensive catalog has over 11 sports and over 400,000 products,each of which comes with an authenticity certificate and guarantee.


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