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Back to School Shopping Tips

It’s back to school time and you know what that means…back to school shopping! Statics show families with school age children will spend an average of $634.78 on school supplies and apparel this year. If you have a college student, expect your costs to creep up past $900 before you give that final wave goodbye. Here are some back to school savings tips to help you save some cash.

Graduation Gift Ideas

Your graduate is preparing to move that cap’s tassel from one side to the other. Now’s the time to plan how you’ll honor this major milestone. Although graduation may feel like the end, it’s really a new beginning. Recognize your grad’s accomplishments, share in the pride, dispense inspiring words of wisdom, and most importantly CELEBRATE by grabbing great gifts that are sure to delight.

Party Planning Made Easy!

Fantastic party ideas are just a click away with Birthday In a Box®! Whether it’s a Valentine’s Day party, your child’s birthday or another upcoming event, Birthday In a Box® has suggestions on how to get the festivities underway along with handy checklists, budget estimators and all the supplies you need to stay organized and on target!

Christmas Stocking Stuffers: Little Gifts Delivering Big Smiles

Out of ideas on how to fill those stockings this holiday season? Have no fear! We have hundreds of gifts ideal for stockings that are guaranteed to bring smiles to everyone on your list. From men and women to teens and toddlers, get fabulous, last minute stocking stuffers that are sure to deliver little bundles of Christmas joy!

College Care Packages College Care Packages – Box Up Love, Support & Tasty Treats from Home

As college students begin the fall semester, many are undoubtedly feeling the stress of being out on their own. As assignments, deadlines, and other projects start piling up, family members can show their support with a classic solution – a college care package.

BagTo School Time It’s Bag to School Time - Wear it Right and Pack It Light!

When it comes to carrying around books and school supplies, backpacks are one of the safest ways. Backs and abdominal muscles are some of the strongest in the body. These muscles are capable of supporting all the weight stuffed into a well-stocked backpack, if it is arranged and worn correctly.

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