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Top 6 Reasons to Take a Cruise

To Cruise or Not To Cruise? With so many last-minute summer cruise deals, and hundreds of ships and itineraries to choose from, there is a cruise vacation to suit most every traveler. If deciding whether or not a cruise vacation is right for you, here are six good reasons to say YES to a cruise!

Your Summer Guide to New York City

Summer in New York is amazing if you know where to go for the best deals on shows, tours and other happenings around this city that never sleeps! Let RebateBlast act as your summer guide to the Big Apple so your vacation time turns into an unbelievable experience with extra cash back savings!

Sin City Deals

If you’re among the millions of people traveling to Las Vegas this summer, get ready with the best deals on top Las Vegas entertainment. From Las Vegas hotels and night clubs to signature entertainment and off-the-Strip tours, we’ve got you covered. Make your Vegas vacation extra special by browsing hand-picked selections of the BEST that Las Vegas has to offer plus get up to 3% cash back from RebateBlast.

Summer Bucket List

No matter how old you get, the onset of summer always brings out the adventurous kid in all of us. It’s that time of year to bust out, make memories, check off the bucket list and have fun! Before you escape, start your summer blast at RebateBlast for cash back on the best deals for summer adventure, escape, travel and family quality time.

Resolve to Do More for Less

If your vision of 2014 includes getting out more and living each day to its fullest, then you’re sure to enjoy receiving cash back from RebateBlast on daily deal websites. Daily deal sites give you discounts on everything from dining, spas, travel, and entertainment to recreation, kids’ events, services and fashion items.

Fall Happenings: Rocky Mountain Hike

Nothing gets you into the fall festivities more than a trip to the mountains. There’s plenty to do in the mountain region of the western U.S. even before the snow falls, including hiking, mountain biking, and taking scenic chairlift rides to look at fall foliage. Find great deals on fantastic fall mountain escapes and the mountain gear you need to enjoy some time away this autumn.

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